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Direct Access Colonoscopy Program

Welcome to the Direct Access Colonoscopy Program

We are pleased that you have chosen ADLD as your Gastroenterology provider. You and your primary care provider have determined that you need a colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a medical procedure during which a flexible tube is used to look inside the colon.

The Alaska Digestive and Liver Disease Clinic strives to provide compassionate and high quality medical care to patients. Please note that without a full consultation it is possible that there are gastrointestinal issues that may not be addressed in the direct access program. If you would rather see the gastroenterologist in consultation we will provide you with an appointment. For a direct access colonoscopy, you will not meet the gastroenterologist in person until the day of your procedure.

You have been identified as having minimal medical problems which do not require a consultation to review. We ask that you complete our patient packet and submit it prior to being scheduled for your procedure. After your information is received and reviewed ,our office staff will call you to schedule your procedure and give you bowel preparation instructions. 

Please note that some insurance carriers do not cover colonoscopy as a screening procedure for colorectal cancer. You should check with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage and benefits. We are happy to provide procedure and diagnosis codes at your request for you to provide to your insurance company. To assist us in providing you with the correct information,

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