Clear Liquid Diet


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Clear liquids are easily digested and leave no undigested residue in your intestinal tract. This is why a clear liquid diet must be followed before a procedure. Not following the diet correctly can affect the prep results and the ability to view your intestinal tract. Clear liquids contain no solids or pulp. When a clear liquid is in a container such as a bowl or glass, the container is visible through the substance. Although not “clear”, black coffee/tea and sodas like Coke are ok on a clear liquid diet. 

Items NOT Okay


Items Okay

High Protein Options

  • Clear vegetable, chicken, or beef broth/bouillon.
  • Clear protein drinks (If you are unable to find drink options such as Premier Protein Clear and Ensure Clear at your local store, check online)

Other Options

  • Flavored gelatin/Jell-O (without fruit) and gummy bears
  • Clear sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, etc.) 
  • Clear juices (such as apple or white grape) 
  • Coffee or tea (without cream or milk) 
  • Water (plain, seltzer, sparkling, or flavored) 
  • Coconut water (no pulp or mixtures with non-clear juices) 
  • Soft drinks (soda/pop) 
  • Crystal Light 
  • Italian ice, plain popsicles/ice pops (no pureed fruit or fiber, no sherbet or gelato) 
  • Hard candies, lollipops, menthol cough drops (Tip: these are helpful to use between glasses of prep!)


  • You need to drink a lot of fluids while preparing for your procedure.
  • Buy a lot of different options so you can have a variety to choose from.
  • Drink frequently throughout the day to keep from getting too hungry.
  • Drinking high protein options is especially important. (See high protein options in Items Okay)
  • You need calories, so having some options that are not sugar-free are important, even for diabetics.
  • NOTE: If you can only find red or purple clear protein drinks, you may drink two bottles per 24 hours. We recommend diluting with another clear liquid such as water, soda water, or Sprite/7up.

If you are having a colonoscopy:

  • Plan to be home from the time you start drinking the prep until you leave for the procedure.
  • Be prepared for urgent watery stools.


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