Pentax Capsule Endoscopy Prep


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Capsule Endoscopy Prep Instructions

Day Before Procedure

Eat normally for Breakfast followed by a light lunch. Then begin clear liquid diet for the remainder of the day/night before the procedure. (Nothing colored red todrink).

Time: 6:00 PM

* Prepare the 1st container of SUPREP Solution. Pour contents of one bottle of SUPREP into Mixing container. Add water to the 16-ounce fill line and mix. Begin drinking the 1 st container of SUPREP Solution.

  • Drink an additional 32 ounces of the clear liquid of your choice over the next hour.
  • Continue clear liquid diet throughout the evening (NO SOLID FOOD)
  • You will have many watery bowel movements that should begin in about 1 hour

Time: 6:00 PM

Take 0.6 ml of Mylicon® drops with an 8 oz cup of water.

Then, nothing to drink after 10pm (small sips of water with medications allowed).

Day of Procedure


Four (4) hours prior to scheduled capsule ingestion time, prepare the second SUPREP bottle as described above and begin drinking the second dose of SUPREP Solution.

  • Drink an additional 32 ounces of the clear liquid of your choice over the next hour.
  • No more clear liquids after 0430 AM, until you swallow the capsule


Hold medications until 2 hours after ingestion of capsule unless your doctor deems it necessary, then take small sips of water withmedications.


Ingest CapsoCam Plus capsule with 0.6 ml of Mylicon drops in 8 oz of water


Resume clear liquids 2 hours after swallowing the capsule


Four hours after capsule ingestion, mix 17-grams of Polyethylene Glycol (MiraLax, ClearLax etc.) with full glass of water or Gatorade (non-red), drink all of the contents


Enjoy a light lunch when you are ready after previous dose of Polyethylene Gycol. Please document below what you have for lunch.

Eat normally for dinner. No further diet restrictions are necessary

Important Patient Information:

  • Strictly following the instructions, the capsule will typically take 8-48 hours to pass the capsule providing regular bowel movements. If you haven’t passed the capsule at 72 hrs. after capsule ingestion, contact your physician.
  • Please adhere to the instructions for capsule retrieval and return the capsule back to your physician as instructed.
  • Visit to watch the retrieval video instructions if possible.
  • To avoid a repeat of this study, please adhere to your retrieval instructions until capsule is retrieved. Continue to use the Retrieval Pan provided until the capsule is retrieved.

Returning the Capsule: 1 of 2 options chosen by your Healthcare Provider

  • If provided a Pre-Labeled Clinical Pak in your take-home kit, please place the vial with the capsule enclosed into the Fed-Ex Clinical Pak, seal and just drop it off at any fed-ex drop box or physical Fed-Ex location.
  • Return the capsule in the vial provided in the Retrieval Kit to the physician’s office during normal working hours

Please call our office if you have any questions at # 907-569-1333

Purchasing the Prep Medication

Note: SUPREP will be sent into your pharmacy. When purchasing your Polyethylene Glycol preparation for after the procedure, ensure you get enough for the whole prep.

Polyethylene Gycol (MiraLAX®, ClearLax, PureLax, GaviLax, LavaClear brands) Get a container(s) which has at least 17 gm (you will likely have some left over)


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