Choosing Us as Your Gastroenterologist

Whether you’re dealing with stomach pain, or you want more information about preventive care like colon cancer screenings, it’s important that you find a gastroenterologist that you can trust and that has your best interests in mind. There are qualities that you should be looking for in a gastroenterologist and it’s important to know what you need and how they can meet your needs. There are many issues that you might need a gastroenterologist for and it’s also important to know what they can even do for you.

Choosing the Right Gastroenterologist for Your Needs

It’s important that you pick a gastroenterologist who can accurately treat your specific needs and help you with any concerns you might have. When you’re dealing with certain gastrointestinal issues, they may need consistent care and treatment and it’s important that you get that care. This could be issues like inflammatory bowel diseases, colon cancer, or GERD.

Your gastroenterologist should be able to effectively communicate your treatment plans with you and explain what you might be dealing with so that you have all the information you may need. This includes telling you if there are any specific lifestyle changes that you should be making. You should also be comfortable asking your gastroenterologist further questions about your health to ensure that the best decisions are being made and that no additional treatments are needed.

Your gastroenterologist should also inform you when you are due for certain screenings. This typically means a colon cancer screening. This is important after the age of 45 and can help catch early signs of colon cancer. It’s crucial that you get a colonoscopy when needed and your doctor should walk you through the process to ensure that you’re comfortable and prepared.

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  • "Doctor McClendon was really helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I'm really impressed with this clinic. Thank you. Front desk staff was really helpful and respectful as well."
    ErinB V
  • "Dr. Molloy's staff has always gone above and beyond to help expedite my care and referrals. Keep up the great work!"
    Dan R
  • "From my first phone call to his office and subsequent video conferencing with Dr. McClendon did I realize that I had got the right Doctor. My interaction with his staff and him were amazing. For a person that is anxious and reluctant to go to doctors, they made me feel at ease."
    Tim F