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Colonoscopy Procedure in Anchorage, Alaska

The Alaska Digestive and Liver Disease Clinic, located in Anchorage, performs colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures.  A colonoscopy is an examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel with a camera.  A colonoscopy can detect precancerous polyps, making the procedure recommended for the screening and prevention of colon cancer.

When Should You Schedule A Colonoscopy?

Some indications that you might want to schedule a colonoscopy are unexplained changes of bowel habits, blood in the stool, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, constipation, family history of colon cancer, or other symptoms that may be related to gastrointestinal disturbances. 

It is also recommended in the American Cancer Society's "Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer" that beginning at age 50, men and women should schedule a colonoscopy every 10 years.  Colonoscopies are often performed to evaluate for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.  Patients with these conditions need to have colonoscopies performed on a regular basis because they are at increased risk for colon cancer.

More Information on Colonoscopies

For more information on preparation for a colonoscopy, view our Colonoscopy Prep Instructions.  If you live in the Anchorage area, Palmer, Wasilla, or Eagle River, call us at (907) 569-1333 and we can help answer any questions you may have.

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